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KLO Events

Marissa Lewicki

Marissa Lewicki is a brand new fresh perspective on the event-planning horizon. She's not only enthusiastic; she's an organizational prodigy. She also has everything it takes to be a successful events specialist.

Her professional experience in customer service and hospitality have not only primed her career for a solid beginning, it also afforded her the opportunity to become a KLO Events intern during her senior year at East Stroudsburg University.

After achieving her Bachelor of Science in Tourism degree, her dedication and hard work helped her to become an official member of the KLO professional team.

In her personal life Marissa is a dedicated traveler having visited over 12 countries and never going to the same place twice. Marissa is not only culturally knowledgeable, she truly brings an adventurous, open spirit to every project with which she's involved.

Marissa's professional mission is to provide clients with impeccable service so they can be at ease before, during and after their event. Her vision is to be a laser-focused contribution to this amazing team, but also have a great time while doing it.

Contact Marissa
Phone: 610-923-9300