Kristine Ortiz

Kristine Ortiz, natural planner/organizer with a passion for giving back to the community, is a highly sought after master of event production.

With nearly 20 years of experience in production management in New York City and throughout the US, her specialty is seamlessly executing very successful, large-scale events.

Kristine's professional core values are integral to every project. She not only meticulously devotes herself to every last detail, her belief in the work of nonprofit organizations is at the heart of her personal and professional mission.

When she's not planning jaw-dropping events, Kristine can be found devouring a good book, relaxing with her family at the lake, or embarking on a travel adventure.

Each year, Kristine provides mentorship in the growth and development of nonprofit organizations. Further, Kristine enthusiastically spends a large portion of time doing her own community service, and inspires others to get involved with her DoGood2FeelGood blog.

Kristine believes in the importance of solid organization and the impact of expertly planned events. Her vision is that every event she creates be a memorable, powerful experience.

Contact Kristine
Phone: 610-923-9300