"Small actions make big impacts."

It's as simple as picking up a piece of garbage at the park or mowing the lawn of an elderly neighbor. It could be donating time to read to a child or volunteering at a homeless shelter ... or even buying a cup of coffee for the person in line behind you. Small gestures make big impacts on the people and the world around you. One small gesture can change someone's day and make them feel better. And don't you feel better when you help others?

How much good can WE do each and EVERY day. Just look around and you will see opportunities.

Share your pictures, tweets, posts, videos - and we will share on our social media channels! Pop over to Instagram @DoGood2FeelGood or share on Twitter @kloeventsllc and use the hashtag: #DoGood2FeelGood or #DG2FG

Let's make this thing grow - exponentially! DOING GOOD things for others is our mission.

DoGood2FeelGood Day of Service - August 11th
Friday July 28, 2017

Our 5th Annual DoGood2FeelGood Day of Service is Friday, August 11th from 9AM-1PM. This year we will be working with Valley Youth House Camp Fowler to help "spruce" up their premises and to provide needed items for their kid's camps!

More about Valley Youth House Camp Fowler (5851 Horseshoe Rd Orefield, PA 18069):

Nature offers restorative, stress-reducing benefits, and the outdoor experiences at Camp Fowler do just that. At Camp Fowler, a team led by a master's level clinician use therapeutic, challenged-based programming to promote positive development in a way that is not likely to occur in a conventional setting. Campers experience breakthroughs and healing, resulting in behavioral changes that lead to their future growth. For more information about Camp Fowler and the services they provide for local youth visit their website at: https://www.valleyyouthhouse.org/campfowler/

If you cannot join us, please consider making a donation from items (listed in the Sign-Up Genius listed below) needed for our DoGood2FeelGood Day projects as well as needed supplies for the kids in the fabulous programs and camps offered by Valley Youth House Camp Fowler.

You can drop donations to the following locations:

Location 1:
KLO Events
1256 Simon Blvd. Suite J106
Easton, Pennsylvania 18042
Drop off Hours: M-F 10-3, or ship to us direct or via Amazon
Questions Email: info@klo-events.com or call 610-923-9300

Location 2:
Valley Youth House
3400 High Point Blvd.
Bethlehem, PA 18017

Please have donations dropped or mailed by Wednesday Aug 9th OR plan to bring on the 11th if you are volunteering.

We hope to see you there to DOGOOD2FEELGOOD! Follow along with us on Facebook for this and other DOGOOD2FEELGOOD events! Instagram @dogood2feelgood or Facebook

DoGood2FeelGood Day of Service - August 12th
Thursday July 28, 2016

Our 4th Annual DoGood2FeelGood Day of Service is coming up! This year our day of service is Friday, August 12th from 9AM-3PM.

We will be working with the Ferry Street Apartments in Easton, PA to help "spruce" up their premises and to provide needed items for their residents!

More about Ferry Street Apartments (part of the Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley):

Ferry Street Apartments is a two-year transitional housing program designed for families who desire to pursue educational and vocational training while working towards self-sufficiency. The 10-units are located at the corner of 6th and Ferry Street in Easton. The ultimate goal of the program is to create self-sufficient citizens who actively participate in their community.

If you cannot join us, please consider making a donation from items (listed in the Sign Up Genius listed below) needed for our DoGood2FeelGood Day projects as well as needed school supplies for our Adults in the program!

Donations can be delivered or mailed any time to KLO offices at 400 Northampton St. Suite 305 Easton, PA 18042. Call to let us know if you are planning to drop off 610-923-9300.

We hope to see you there to DOGOOD2FEELGOOD! Follow along with us on Facebook for this and other DOGOOD2FEELGOOD events!

Thank you!!!

DoGood2FeelGood Day of Service - August 14th
Thursday July 23, 2015


It is that time of year again ... my 3rd Annual birthday Day of Service - Friday, August 14th!

This year we are working with the Easton Community Center on a day of FUN! We will be coordinating a carnival-themed day at Hugh Moore Park in Easton, PA on Friday, August 14th. Activities will include Face Painting & Tattoos, Balloon Art, Games & Activities, Crafts, Treats, Dance Party, Bubbles and More!

If you cannot join us, please consider making a donation from items (listed in the Sign Up Genius listed below) for the kids at the Easton Community Center! Let's help them get a great start to the new school year!

Donations can be delivered or mailed any time to KLO offices at 400 Northampton St. Suite 305 Easton, PA 18042. Call to let us know if you are planning to drop off 610-923-9300.

We hope to see you there to DOGOOD2FEELGOOD! Follow along with us on Facebook for this and other DOGOOD2FEELGOOD events!

Thank you!!!

Our DoGood2FeelGood Holiday Gift Collection & Wrapping Parties!
Tuesday December 9, 2014

We are overwhelemed with the amazing response from our communities! We held 2 parties - one is Easton, PA hosted by KLO Events on December 4th and the other on December 5th in Brooklyn, NY hosted by Jessica Hall! All together we collected and wrapped nearly 400 gifts for the Fraternite Notre Dame in Spanish Harlem. The gifts, along with many others, will be given out on December 17th to all of the kids! The Fraternite Notre Dame hopes to reach a total of 1,000 gifts so that they are able to provide a gift to all the children they serve.

So many people came together to donate gifts and to help wrap them as well ... we had so much fun and there was lots of holiday spirit as well. Truly the oldie (but goodie) expression "Tis better to give than to recieve" rang true for all of us!

Some food for thought: "When you chose JOY, you feel good and when you feel good you Do Good, and when you Do Good it reminds others of what JOY feels like ... and it might just inspire them to do the same." So be JOYFUL! Embrace the season and see the example you set for others by simply choosing JOY!

Happy Holidays to all! #DG2FG#DoGood2FeelGood

Just "DO" good!
Tuesday October 14, 2014

Sounds simple enough. Like the Nike tag line ... "Just Do it" ... it resonates. Everyone can DO good. If you have time to give, give it. If you have product to give, give it. If you have money to give, give it. If you have services to give, give it. If you have KIND words to give, give them! You get the point. EVERYONE can DO good ... just find what works for you right now and DO IT!

Personally, I have contributed in every way listed above at different times of my life. I can't imagine a life without giving. Just simple things in the day to day grind like holding open a door, assisting someone with their bags, making a little extra dinner for a neighbor (just because!), cleaning out your closet and donating to a local organization that needs it (www.onesaturdayprogram.com) makes this VERY simple to do locally here in the Lehigh Valley!. Try it! Think about it on your way to work ... maybe you let someone ahead of you in traffic (imagine the roads if we all did this!), buying coffee for the person behind you, holding the elevator door for someone rushing to catch it. Trust me ... it will come naturally if it already doesn't.

We are also closing in on the holiday season (YIKES!) ... never a better time to think about how you, your family, your office can make a difference. There are so many ways to help. Work with your local Youth & Family Services, contact your local Boys & Girls Club, local church groups, food banks and so many other ways ... if you are lacking inspiration, email me (or help with the project below!)

I am helping a friend who for the past 15 years has worked with The Fraternite of Notre Dame in NYC, San Francisco and Chicago. This group provides a soup kitchen, after-school activities, clothing and other necessities in the communities they serve. During the holiday's they give out gifts to neighborhood kids (most of whom it will be their ONLY gift). We are helping with the Spanish Harlem location in NYC. Last year the line wrapped around the block 2x and they ran out of gifts ... in order to prevent this from happening, we are helping them to collect 1,000 gifts to be sure that never happens again. If you are interested in helping, please email me kristine@klo-events.com for more information. Gifts for males/females from newborn to 16 years of age. Gifts are typically picked up before Thanksgiving for the event which is in mid-December. They do not have to be wrapped.

So, go on ... DO some good!

We did GOOD! Lots and Lots of GOOD!
Sunday August 17, 2014

The 2nd Annual DoGood2FeelGood Day of Service
On August 14th (my 46th birthday) I was joined by dozens of friends and family at the Sixth Street Shelter in Allentown, PA for my DoGood2FeelGood DAY OF SERVICE in celebration of my birthday! Sounds crazy to some ... But, believe me when I say ... there is NO greater gift on my birthday than to be surrounded by people I love doing good for others. It is a celebration of all of the blessings I have in my life ... so very many ... that I want to give back to others.

On Thursday, our power-house group was able to complete many projects for the Shelter! We installed fans in their 25 apartments (fans that were generously donated by an amazing soul for my DoGood2FeelGood Day of Service), we planted flower pots, we did A LOT of weeding ... A LOT!, we cleaned and sanitized the Family Center playroom and organized books on shelves, we sorted clothing, we sorted and shelved the many donations we brought from the DoGood2FeelGood event as well as some from other groups, and we cleaned out and organized a basement for them!

I love that this day is for everyone ... we had a lot of kids join us this year ... from a 3 years old all the way up to 15 year olds! There were ways for everyone to be involved and make a difference. It is NEVER too early to introduce your children to community service!

There were many people who were not able to attend, but that donated needed items for the Shelter and supplies for us to complete our projects! A BIG, HUGE Thank You to everyone who donated money or supplies!

A wonderful surprise showed up that day as well ... We had another birthday girl come by that day ... sweet Preslie, who had her party earlier that week and asked her friends to provide birthday party supplies for kids in need instead of gifts for her! They brought those party supplies on Thursday to the Sixth Street Shelter! They will most certainly put smiles on the faces of the children who benefit from her donation. LOVE IT! What a wonderful, beautiful soul! Happy birthday Preslie!

What are my parting words ... DoGood2FeelGood! Small Gestures = Make BIG IMPACTS! Pass it on and Pay it Forward. #DG2FG

We did GOOD! Lots and Lots of GOOD!
Tuesday August 05, 2014

If you do good for others, you cannot help but feel good too!

Join us on August 14th at the Sixth Street Shelter in Allentown, PA for the 2nd Annual Do Good 2 Feel Good Day of Service. It is my birthday! What better way to celebrate my many blessings than by giving back. Last year I did 45 days of kindness leading up to my 45th birthday which culminated in a Day of Service. It was an amazing, rewarding, moving experience and journey! I felt connected to my community in a much, much deeper way. The response from people - friends, family, neighbors, and strangers was amazing. I met people along that way that have become new friends. Many have even continued to share and live the DoGood2FeelGood mission in their ways. It is a beautiful thing to behold.

Most of us do acts of kindness in our everyday lives ... but, when you make a conscience decision to do them each day it affects you in a deeper way. I continue to be aware, to share with my children and family small ways to make a difference. Small acts that make big impacts. The opportunities are all around us.

A small way you can help to make an impact in our community is by donating needed supplies or your TIME to help us help the great work that the Sixth Street Shelter is providing to the Allentown, PA community. Consider supporting this Day of Service if you can. Or, if you cannot ... please share!

"The smallest Act of Kindness is worth more than the Greatest Intention." Oscar Wilde

#DG2FG #DoGood2FeelGood

Show Me The Magic!
Wednesday July 23, 2014

MAGIC: a verb "to move, change or create by or as if by magic."

When I say to "Show me the Magic," I am talking to the universe at large, but also I am reminding myself to SEE the magic that surrounds me. It is there every day, waiting to be noticed ...We just need to open up ourselves to all of its incarnations, illustrations, and beautiful, daily examples!

The Magic shows up as simple things ... like finding glitter in your path, unexpectedly ... or, a rock shaped like a heart; a call from a friend at JUST the right time; a song on the radio; a flower that has bloomed; the story in the news that touches you so deeply (and moves you to action), so many simple, every day examples of MAGIC. The question is ... are you "seeing" them? Do you notice? What if you begin to notice ... would you begin to see more and more examples? Then, imagine how that could that impact your day to day life?

You can experience more Magic by "being" in the PRESENT and noticing the little things around you that you just see "through." What are you NOT seeing? If you are having a hard time grasping ways to see the Magic, try sitting with a child. Experience how they see the world around them so fully. A child SEES the magic in the simple, ordinary things we are surrounded with every single day!

The ocean is a great example. A child sees the ocean with complete awe and excitement. Do you absorb the magnitude and magic of the tides, the depth, the size of it, the life that lives within its depths? Think about it? Next time, just notice it, feel its magic. Now, do that wherever you are!

I pledge to ask the universe every morning to "Show Me the Magic" ... then see what shows up! What about you?

#DoGood2FeelGood #DG2FG #ShowMeTheMagic

2nd Annual DoGood2FeelGood BIRTHDAY Day of Service!
Monday July 14, 2014

On Thursday August 14th (my birthday!) DoGood2FeelGood is hosting a Day of Service at The Sixth Street Shelter. We need volunteers to assist us with the many projects that will help this organization function better and help create a welcoming environment to the many families they assist. For students needing volunteer hours - this is a GREAT opportunity and Sixth Street will fill out forms/provide letters as needed!

If you can help please select one of the projects below and feel free to recruit friends and family!

NOTE: Volunteers must wear closed toe shoes and plan to wear clothing you are willing to get dirt or paint.

I hope you will join us - last year was an amazing, FEEL GOOD DAY!

Please share this with your friends and family too!

June #DoGood2FeelGood and AFSP Overnight Out of the Darkness Walk
Wednesday June 04, 2014

Welcome back to DoGood2FeelGood – this is Elissa again!! I can't believe my last blog post was the end of October and it's already June 4th!! Where has the time gone? In October I did 31 days of Random Acts of Kindness for my birthday and to get me through Tony's birthday, he would have been 35 in October. Since June 27th I had been trying to figure out how to go on and continue living without the one person who was my support, my partner, my best friend and always taught me so much. Once I met Kristine Ortiz, I knew DoGood2FeelGood was exactly what I needed and wow has it impacted my life in more positive ways than I can even explain. The lives that are touched from a simple act of kindness is priceless. The friendships I have made have also helped keep me going when I didn't feel much like "going" anymore.

I decided shortly after October that I needed to dedicate June 2014 to #dogood2feelgood, with Tony's one year anniversary on June 27th fast approaching; I knew I needed to engage myself in positivity and good energy people. I also decided when I found out the dates and location I would need to walk in the AFSP Overnight Out of the Darkness walk in Philly, June 28th and 29th. This is a 16-18 mile walk that begins at 7pm and you walk "Out of the Darkness" to closing ceremonies around 6am!! I thought what a way to wrap up a month that is now the result of an unfortunate suicide. My dedication to reaching out and speaking out against the stigma of mental illness and suicide prevention will continue after June 30th, but walking in this walk is the one event I could not pass up!! The fundraising minimum is hefty at $1,000.00 minimum per walker. But that is why this month I have some AWESOME stuff going on and I will keep updating as new opportunities to get into our community and support some awesome charities arise!!

My #dogood2feelgood month so far: All month long- Journal Drive Collection to benefit Haven House. Drop off any new journals or pens at a drop off location AL L MONTH or during this Saturday's June 7th, One Saturday Collection Drive!!!

Day 1- 6/1- Suicide Prevention Walk Fundraiser – Being Well: Mind, Body and Soul - this event was awesome!! In only 2 hours I was able to raise over $500 towards my walk at the end of the month!! What a way kick off June!! I would like to thank all of those who came and donated their time and services, to Heather at Sweat Like a Girl and to the Lehigh Valley Drum Circle who did an amazing job!! My heart is so warmed by the outreach of support for my cause!!!

Day 2- 6/2- Gave the extra change to the charity bins at the front of the registers when I checked out several places on Monday!

Day 3- 6/3- Let someone who seemed to be in a hurry at the grocery store go before me in line.

Upcoming EVENTS:

June 19th- Dining to Donate at PJ Whelihan's Bethlehem PA. This will be an ALL DAY EVENT (11am-close) and 15% of YOUR TOTAL check will be donated to the American Federation for Suicide Prevention!! (Yes!!! Alcohol is INCLUDED in donation total $$$). I hope to see you there!!!!

Small Service Project- TBD

I am really looking forward to having an even more successful month than October and hope to inspire even 1 person to take this journey. It doesn't have to be for a month, just choose 1 day out of each week to perform a Random Act of Kindness and see the positive impact it has on your life.

Thank you again for following my journey!!!

With Love and Positive Energy,

Elissa #dogod2feelgood #embracelife

One Saturday Program Partnership!
Monday March 10, 2014

KLO Events is so excited to join this amazing community partnership with Paper Bag Child http://www.paperbagchild.com/ and The PEAK TV http://www.thepeaktv.com. The mission? Donations made simple and kept local! It is "SIMPLE" because the program identifies the 1st Saturday of each month as a collection date. It is "LOCAL" by using Lehigh Valley businesses as collection sites for donations that will directly benefit local non-profits!

United in a shared desire to bring awareness to local nonprofits and encourage community involvement, Paper Bag Child, The PEAK TV and KLO Events developed the ONE SATURDAY PROGRAM to connect nonprofits, the community, and area businesses with the goal of helping Lehigh Valley non profits assist families and children in need.

Local Business owners can join us and collect designated items to benefit a local nonprofit. The business benefits when new and return customers visit to drop off donations. One Saturday Program highlights participating businesses through e-mail, website, social media and other media exposure!

Non profits gain increased awareness through the local businesses which leads to increased volunteer or potential sponsor involvement, allowing nonprofits to serve more people and better spread the word about their programs and events!

For more information visit http://www.onesaturdayprogram.com/ #onesaturdayprogram or, email info@onesaturdayprogram.com

Tis the Season to #DoGood2FeelGood
Tuesday December 10, 2013

Tis the season to #DoGood2FeelGood ... yes it is! Many of us feel drawn to give at this time of year - my family included (although we certainly try to all year long!). There are so many families that are struggling. They feel their struggle that much more with all of the pressures of the holidays. This year a friend (hello Eileen) told us about a local family that was truly struggling. I put out a call to action to my family and friends. I am always moved by the response, but not at all surprised! We have collected gift cards, money and gifts for a family that is truly hurting this holiday season. I hope that this makes things just a little bit better for them ... and, makes them feel the love & HOPE. Feeling blessed and grateful!

Attached is a picture from the Saab Family's Annual Toy Drive - we have been a part of it for the past 3 or 4 years and would not miss it! What a beautiful tradition. The toys collected (and there are TONS!) are donated to the Lehigh Valley Health Network's Pediatric unit for children who are hospitalized during the holidays. Wonderful!

Merry Christmas!

Elissa's 31 Days of DoGood2FeelGood! Be inspired!
Tuesday November 12, 2013

31 Days of DoGood2FeelGood - But Who Was Keeping Count?!?!

1. Spread the #dogood2feelgood movement wherever I went, handing out Stickers and Bracelets

2. Left Love notes on random cars

3. Asked cashiers/customer service workers how their day was

4. Left Lottery Tickets on cars

5. Filled out guest surveys for GREAT customer service

6. Participated in and Raised Money for the Suicide Prevention Walk

7. Opened and Held Doors for others

8. Ran my first 5K for Breast Cancer

9. Gave out lottery tickets to drive-thru worker and Panera worker

10. Brought dinner/dessert for a friend

11. Donated Food to Northampton Food Bank

12. Donated Food to New Bethany Ministries Food Bank

13. Volunteered weekly at New Bethany

14. Gave a little girl at Build a Bear a $10 gift card towards her Birthday Bear (October 8th-we shared the same birthday)

15. Donated TastyKakes to send to the Troops

16. Put change in people parking meters

17. Donated to Kristin Parks LLS Walk

18. Volunteered at and attended the "Little Pink Dress Party" @ Melt

19. Took 35 balloons, puzzles and coloring books to Lehigh Valley Hospital's Pediatric Unit

20. Donated all extra change during the month of to the "collection bins" at the front of registers

21. Donated money to Toys 4 Tots

22. Paid for someone's Dunkin Donuts

23. Collected coats and baby items for Community Services for Children and took the donations to them

24. Gave out Free Hugs and Spread Love/Positivity on the 8th St Bridge

25. Attended Dining to Donate event for Sixth St. Shelter

26. Dropped off Hello Kitty surprise bag to the wonderful Staci Horvath - She always makes me SMILE!!

27. Purchased household donations for Sixth St Shelter Apartment Adoption

28. Purchased Birthday cards to send to Waverly and Inspirational Cards for Amy Roth

29. Reconnected with old friend

30. Gave a homeless woman at the Post Office a $15 Wawa Gift Card

31. Turned in a Wallet to Mall Security that I found in the bathroom stall

32. Purchased toys for Christmas Toy donations to be distributed throughout the Valley

33. Collected 70+ Journals to benefit Haven House for my Journal Drive

Elissa's 31 Days of DoGood2FeelGood!
Thursday November 07, 2013

My 31 Days of DoGood2FeelGood - The Recap!

31 DAYS of DoGood2FeelGood!! All I can say is WOW!! I can't actually believe it's over ALREADY!! But what do I do now? Sleep, rest and organization are at the TOP on my list!! But also continuing to spread the message of #dogood2feelgood and how EFFECTIVE this process actually is ... DEFINITELY TOP on my priority list. The 31st was Thursday and I will continue to #dogood2feelgood, to make it a part of my "everyday life" and way of thinking. It has become a good and healthy addiction, a way to turn being dealt a bad hand of cards and turning it into a Full House. This process has allowed my heart to become filled again with appreciation for life, has reminded me to "Embrace Life" and to spread my rediscovered Sparkle. Going into this process, my expectations were high, my personality I suppose, but the results I feel I have gotten on the inside have far surpassed anything I could have imagined.

In addition to all the feel good moments I created, October has also allowed me to feel completely BLESSED and LUCKY to have made so many new friends, "do good" people! I have learned about some amazing organizations in the Lehigh Valley and I have been able to reconnect with people I have not seen or talked with in quite some time. Each and every day in October my eyes became broadened by the amount of charity and good there is in our community. I would like to personally thank, from the bottom of my heart, Kristine Ortiz who shared this #dogood2feelgood journey with me. I thought you were amazing before this process started and I now know the true extent of your AWESOMENESS!! This is a challenge at times ... and you are a strong, amazing woman to have created such an awesome project. This journey will NOT stop here!! And, Tracey Saab, amazing mom and Community Warrior who I have been friends with for quite some time. Tracey thank you for connecting me with Kristine and helping me to spread the do good word! Other new and amazing friends I have made or reconnected with include Susan Heard, Trish Dilg, Amanda Sivak, Kristin Parks, Elisha Esposito, Fiona and Mike at New Bethany, everyone who walked or donated to the Suicide Prevention Walk and most importantly ... I would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to my family and friends. They have put up with my good moods, bad moods, my breakdowns and exhaustion. You are all the very BEST to have supported me through this (at times) VERY emotionally draining process and journey in October. It was a tough month at times, but I accomplished more in 31 days in October than I could have never imagined myself doing in a year time frame.

It seems that when you lose someone too soon and unexpectedly there is a sense of "guilt" often associated with "continuing to live" or being able to just enjoy things. I know I felt this guilt especially during "Birthday Month" when I often felt bad to celebrate and have fun, when Tony was not here to do the same. The concept of allowing myself to enjoy life again was one important thing I was definitely reminded of during this process. On June 27th I realized life is way too short and is NEVER promised on a daily basis. Thankfully, I have been reminded I need to live for the moment, to my full potential every day, to embrace life fully and to strive to be the "BEST" Elissa every day!!

My last week was pretty awesome and consisted of some AMAZING things. My favorite was probably standing on the 8th St Bridge in Allentown offering Free Hugs and holding up a sign that said "Honk 4 Hugs!" Since being on the bridge limited passing cars able to pullover for a hug, honking allowed them to participate regardless. Who would have thought on only 2 hours on the bridge, we could get 17+ hugs, 400 honks and several cross bridge hugs. This just shows how much people need to be reminded someone cares and is thinking of them, even if it a tiny blonde girl and her awesome side kick on a bridge. I took food to and volunteered at New Bethany Ministries, took coats and baby clothes to CSC, attended the Sixth St Shelter Dining to Donate, purchased cards to send out to Birthday Girl Waverly and Inspirational cards for Amy Roth. I collected 70 Journals in only a week's time for my Journal Drive for Haven House. I also got the name of a little boy I will purchase shoes for; he will receive them through the "Bursts of Love" project. Anna, a young little community warrior is already trying to make a difference by donating shoes to children who don't have them!

I have been drinking Yogi Tea every day since May or June. Yogi tea provides you with an inspirational or spiritual quote with each tea bag, it can be just the pick me up I need in the AM, start my day off on a "Good Note." On the 31st, my Yogi tea said "The beauty of life is to experience yourself." I realized that very moment, that the month of October, it was a wonderful healing and grieving tool, but it was also about experiencing and embracing my true self. A self I have not known in a very long time and this process helped me start to see who Elissa is again. This DoGood2FeelGood project was so much about spreading love, happiness and positivity but also about my own journey. That is a true blessing in itself.

I may not have changed the World in October, I had no expectations to honestly, but I can only hope that I was able to raise awareness for Suicide Prevention and made a small impact right here in the Lehigh Valley. I promise myself that I will continue to Blog and write about my experiences as it has helped me immensely in the grieving process. Once thoughts are on paper they seem so much more concrete, which has been a great tool for me and how I am feeling. I will keep the DoGood2FeelGood page updated if I do start blogging on my own.

Going into the beginning of the month, I was using this month of October to get through "Birthday Month." I started the month scared, unsure of this process, lacking self-confidence and with the true ability to be OK with life as it was at the beginning of October. I completed the month being a more positive, self-confident, happy and healing advocate of the DoGood2FeelGood movement. I wanted to use this month to celebrate Tony and his life here on Earth, the happy, kind hearted spirit he so much spread around. In addition to celebrating Tony, I believe I also was able to celebrate Elissa! Tony Schimmel, I will never understand why you decided to leave us on June 27th, but I do know you have continued to help, guide and push me to be the strong woman you saw every day. Thank you for the gifts you gave me while you were here and the gifts you are continuing to provide me. "But you went away. How dare you? I miss you. They say I'll be OK. But I'm not going to ever get over you." Over You ~Miranda Lambert

Thank you for continuing to read my Blogs and watching me journey down this amazing road I never even knew existed. It means a lot to me that you take time out to read about my thoughts and feelings. If you have taken nothing else from my writings, I want you to remember to "Embrace Life." Life is way too short and tomorrow is not promised, so remember to LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE. HUG people every day in case they forgot anyone cares about them. Hugs are therapeutic for both the giver and receiver of the HUG!

With much Love and Positive Energy,

Elissa #dogood2feelgood #embraceife