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KLO Events

Alison Conti

Alison Conti has been in the event production business for more than 18 years. An expert at strategic planning, direction, design, and management of high-profile events, Alison specializes in gala productions. She also skillfully executes logistics of large-scale walkathons, nonprofit functions and dedications.

On a personal note, Alison has a great passion (read: unhealthy obsession) for movies. In whatever free time she can spare, away from events or the cinema, Alison travels the US to visit new and exciting destinations (almost exclusively to places that have a great ice cream establishment).

Alison currently resides with her husband in New Jersey but, being a Chicago native, stands by the fact that deep-dish style pizza is best!

Alison's professional mission is to inspire with her attention to detail and to bring her natural and fun spirit to every event.

Contact alison
Phone: 610-923-9300